Day Three – Amsterdam and Alicante

Early start again and packed so that we could leave at the last minute.  Another clear beautiful day in Amsterdam.  We set out on foot and just explored all the old buildings.  I had fun at the Flower market and have planned a tulip garden (customs allowing)   Dale did some retail therapy.  Left Amsterdam on foot for the train station and then flew on to Alicante at 4pm.  Now this is where it starts getting funny.  We hire a Citroen C3, Dale driving and we are off to Sella a town that is so small hidden up in the mountains that not event the lady at the car hire place had heard of it.  Dale remembered the general direction but not as accurately as he had hoped and all of you who know me know that I am a nervous passenger at the best of times – I think I will omit the expletives that passed my lips at this stage but in saying that we did find our way to Aqua Ventura in one piece (the floor of the Citroen on the passenger was a little worn out and I practised stress relief with a packet of nuts!  We did sleep well

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