The Start

On boarding the half full plan in Cape Town we discovered the 4 seats in front of the bulkhead were empty and promptly moved there – only to be joined by two men who were rather oversized and cantakerous and insisted on sitting next to me.  Unfortunately they spilled over into my seat while cuddling up to each other and I have now come to the conclusion – I am overly protective of my personal space bubble!!!  Eight hours in Dubai in the dead of the night -coffee is nearly R40 a cup and there is just so much window shopping a sane person is capable of.

The Dubai – Amsterdam leg was uneventful and we both managed to sleep most of the way.  That was a good thing as we arrived in Amsterdam confronted with a gzillion orange people – (the queens birthday)  We chose to walk with all our luggage from the station to our accommodation – and boy that was tough – my camera bag on its own weighed in at 13kgs, never mind the other bags!! and it was hot – yes hot in Amsterdam and we were dressed for winter.  THe route to Spruit Straat was literally littered with drunk and rowdy orange people and the population of Amsterdam had doubled for the day’s festivities.  But we made it!  After a quick shower we set off to explore – the old architecture, leaning buildings, sights and sounds but most fascinating the “district”  The ladies were all shapes, sizes, colours and ages.  We had dinner in Amsterdam in an Argentianian restaurant, ate New Zealand Beef and drank Chilean wine.  We jostled the crowd back to our apartment and fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow.

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