Day Six – Villa Joyosa to Barcelona


We spent Sunday morning driving up from Villa Joyosa to Barcelona. The freeway was great but the scenery so similar to home that there s not much to comment on save to observe that it boggles the mind to see endless rows of skyscrapers at the resorts frequented by British tourists.  The fact that Brits can travel from Birmingham to spend their summer holiday on the 23rd story of an apartment block in an overcrowded resort says a lot about Birmingham!

The scenery became a lot more interesting as we approached Barcelona with the Montserrat being the most spectacular (my crude grasp of Spanish translates the name a “Sawtooth Mountains” and they certainly look the part.

One again we were astounded by our navigational abilities (or shear dumb luck) Barcelona is huge and one enters the suburban sprawl at least 15 km before the city centre but despite numerous arbitrary choices of freeways and off ramps we wound up within 500m of where we wanted to be. Sal went online and quickly found us a hotel and, after checking in an offloading our luggage we went in search of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. Driving through Barcelona is interesting to say the least with a most unusual road system consisting of a centre road of 4 lanes, a green verge with trams and then outer lanes on each side.  This coupled with the fact that robots appear to be discretionary amend one is driving on the wrong side of the road makes for an interesting driving experience (hopefully Sal does not insert a comment here!).

At any rate we found our way around without a problem. The Sagrada Familia turned out to be even more spectacular in life than pictures.  I can say without reservation that it is by far and away the most spectacular architecture I have ever seen.  I have only one more building on my bucket list: Frank Lloyd-Wrights Falling Water in Pennsylvania in the US.


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