Day Seven – Barcelona to Nimes, France


Monday morning we caught a train along the beautiful coastline from Barcelona to Montpelier. One of the striking features of our travels and along this route is the large number of giant wind turbines, which line the hilltops.  Sal took lots of pictures and I got into trouble for reading my kindle the whole way.

We picked up our hired car at midday and drove to Nimes, which is an old Roman town at the centre of the Provance region.  The biggest structure in the centre of the city is a Roman coliseum, which has survived almost fully intact (largely because it was used by princes and king through the ages as a residence). After a bit of searching we found a hotel in the middle of the old city.  If you heard the price you would think we were living in luxury but the pictures will show otherwise (one of the hotels we gave a miss charged Euro 40 per night which included 2 liters of water – presumably for bathing!).

We had supper in what we took to be a French provincial restaurant which turned out to be ok but not quite as good as MacDonald’s (this is a dig at Sal because she stopped me entering the MacD!).

My version of the drive.  I am sure we lost the deposit on our car as there was a deep depression at the front passenger foot area.  In fact I think it had worn through – there were also teeth marks on the dash board and the edges of the passenger seat were ripped where I had gripped too hard.  All jokes aside the problems that we were faced with were:

1.     I cannot see without my glasses – and I could not take my dark glasses off as my eyes were too sensitive from the fever and cold – so clearly I could not see to navigate – this meant the driver had to navigate as well as drive as well as figure out the wrong side of the road driving.

2.     Our traveling speed through the city was in direct proportion to the anxiety felt by the driver – the more anxious the faster he went – (remember he had to navigate as well)

3.     We had to avoid at all costs trams coming at us from all directions and some what we thought were roads were actually tramways – but we solved that problem we just waited for a tram to come past and then rode up its backside – that way it could not plow us over in our cutest little Fiat 500cc

But guess what we did make it safely and unscathed and we do have an extremely brave driver!!!! And a poep of a passenger navigator who I must say has now recovered from the flu and is only left with a snot kop.

Nimes is just beautiful and I am itching to set about walking – and exploring and then we are off to Apt.

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