Day Nine – Sault to Grenoble


Sault to Grenoble

Brimming with confidence based on our navigational achievements and successful choices of the previous day we set of for Grenoble by the back roads.  With the exception of our exit from Sault our navigation was again unerringly accurate.  We passed through villages that I had only heard of previously when watching the Tour de France (it was little bit like driving through Orange County California in the 1980’s navigating on the basis of my favorite Frank Zappa songs!).  Sal took lots of pictures that hopefully captured some of the beauty we experienced.

Grenoble as beautiful as it is confirmed our view that big cities are not for us.  We visited an IKEA store mainly because Keiron had told is about them in Amsterdam and partly because we need to buy a cereal bowl.  What a concept rounded off by a brilliant exit – you scan your own goods and pay by credit card without a cashier in sight (it would never work ion SA!).

We then headed for the mountains think that we could find a great hotel at a ski resort.


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