Day Ten – Grenoble to Troyes

After a wonderful evening in the quaint town or Uriage we set off again into the unknown.  I am in awe of our tenacity to travel through France with no real map – just some random French instructions, a Fiat and our intuition.  We headed for a town called Annacy where we thought we might spend the night but alas we drove past a Harley shop – of course you can just imagine – Dale could not pass without stopping and a couple of hours later we headed back on the road, stopping at a lake on our way for a picnic.  Why do Foreign cows look so we cowish?  They just seem to be more beautiful than those we find here – although perhaps it was the very green fields and blue skies that made it so.  WE arrived in a little village called Troyes – and thought this is terrible but Dale had to make a potty stop and thought the garage would provide one – that it did not but a sweet French lady (oo la la) it did who guided Dale and his charm to a hotel.  We were rather tired and decided to what the hell just stop there, after all the hotel did not look too bad.  On exploring this village on foot we were amazed, around the corner not 20 steps ahead was a medievil Town built in the 1500’s.  Oh my gosh it was just beautiful – so even tho this was not part of the plan – we had a lovely evening swathed in history, wine and again a picnic!

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