Day 11 – Troyes to Paris

We slept later than we had meant to and charged out our hotel to capture the old city of Troyes.  To think we were just going to drive on and give it a miss – what history and interest in this city!!!  Hotels and buildings built and standing from 700 odd years ago.  Mind blowing stuff!!!  Saw the prettiest shops but we did not have the time to wander in – a pity but perhaps just as well!

The drive to Paris was at times tense as we approached the city but we made it in one piece without incident and delivered our little fiat back to the car hire and set out to explore Paris on foot.   We walked along the Seine and then crossed over to the Saint Chappelle – oh wow – I dont have words to describe it.  The architecture and the vibe is so awesome – we are about to go out for dinner in a short while and experience Paris at night.  Our little hotel – the Hotel Paris Rivoli is exactly that – by far the most expensive accommodation on our trip and by far the smallest and most basic.

I must add the story of the car return – imagine driving in PAris city centre on a Friday afternoon – again no map in hand and needing to find the Gord de Nord, navigating traffic and one way roads.  DAle in his ingenuity thought to go up some side roads and we landed in the old Jewish quarter (remember its Friday afternoon and conservative jewish people dont drive cars on Friday afternoons) – with not a vehicle in sight but our trusty little Fiat we headed forth through the masses on their way to schul (spelling) and yay we made it on time at the car hire to return the Fiat unscathed (that is the car and not our nerves).

After walking and walking and admiring we landed up on the left bank and had dinner at a simple little French eatery with an extensive price!  Our first day in Paris and we slept like babies


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