Day 13 – Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dubai and home

With great sadness, I realised this morning that our holiday had come to an end.  We packed up and ambled down to the metro to catch the underground to the Gard de Nord to catch our train home – I thought we had loads of time afterall we were only leaving at 9:30am – ALAS I had made a mistake and our train was leaving in ten minutes – only my kids could appreciate my panic attack and all of you would think it was exagerated so I wont even go there – bottom line was we made it to the train, found our seats and safely set off  for Schipol Airport.  From there it was plain sailing – we got wonderful seats on the plane all the way home, our luggage made it through and after 20 hours or so of travels arrived at Cape Town international.  There was the sweetest little beagle running around sniffing suitcases which I tried to befriend…….clearly no contra band with us and were met by a smiling Rob on the other side of customs.

WHAT A HOLIDAY!!!  would I do it any differently?  Perhaps spend more time in each stop. But not with any other travel partner!


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