Day 12 – Paris in all its beauty

We woke up to a perfect Parisian day and set off on foot no less (me with 10kg of camera equipment on my back against Dale’s better advice) to explore.  We walked up to the Arch De Triumph, the louvres, figured out that the Hotel De Police was not a hotel that we would want to stay in but the police station, past the hotel de ville, up the Champs Elysse, then onto the Eiffel tower and then back down to the Ilse de Cite over a gzillion bridges and back down the Seine.  I discovered a whole bunch of pet shops I was desperate to go to and could not get over the prices of the cutest doggies – any where up to R20 000 a pup!  By this time I was falling over and we stopped for a beer and lemonade – all of Euro 12.70 and I google mapped the distance we covered on foot.  THis was well in excess of 30km!!!!

We went back to the hotel and rested for half an hour and then headed back to the Gallery Lafeyette which is the most mind boggling department store ever – so large!!!  Dale bought a work shirt on the Champs Elysee brand name too….DALEX

We spent the evening with a pizza and a bottle of wine on the banks of the river Seine and recalled our two week adventure.  There were three kids playing their guitar and doing a very bad rendition of Bob Marley – the part they got right was the wailers.!!!


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